Platform Overview

Folders Tab

Let’s start by creating a new folder in UnifiedStacks dashboard. Click on the “New Folder” button in the top right corner of the dashboard. A folder is a container where you can manage multiple applications. You can view all the folders created by you as well as shared with you.

Apps tab

You can manage all your applications from the apps tab. Click on the “New App” button in the top right corner of the dashboard to create a new app. You can view all the applications created by you as well as shared with you.


You can create a blank app or choose from a list of pre-designed applications depending on your use case.


You can manage your plans and check usage from settings page.

Application Builder

Once you create a new application, you will see an interface with four sections.

  1. Top bar - You can edit the name, preview, save and publish the application from the top navigation bar.

  2. Left side - App Navigation bar.

  3. Workflow - Drag and drop workflow elements in the section.

  4. Workflow elements - List of available elements for app builder.

Knowledge Base

You can upload, review and manage documents and information relevant to the application from Knowledge Base page.


Once you publish an application, you will get an URL link which you can share with internal as well as external users.

Published Application

Once you click on the exported link, you will be taken to the application page.


You can easily access all historical interactions of your users with your application.


You can easily access logs and all the processed information from the logs page.


You can invite team members and collaborators to work together on an application. Similarly, you can also add team members to folder from the folders page which gives them access to all the applications in the folder.

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